Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Aloys Catholic School Building in Jeopardy

The following is reprinted from the parish bulletin:

There has been talk between some parishioners that something should be done with the school. We don't use it that much. The furnace is not reliable anymore, and the outside appearance is starting to look shabby. It is not costing us any money for letting it stand, and we pay no insurance or taxes on the building. The Parish Council decided to put it to a vote of all parishioners.

(Yes) To tear it down ourselves, or try to give it away to someone for salvage.


(No) Let it stand. (Meaning we will have to fix or paint it to keep our parish grounds looking nice.)

*Some don't want to tear down the school because they feel that it would be a let down to the farmers and their families of the past who worked so hard to put. St. Aloysius on the map. But the reality is that there is no longer a use for the school building. Unless there is a purpose or someone who is willing to put forth the money, we are forced to put this to a vote. The vote will take place for the people of St. Aloysius Parish on Sunday, Sept. 14th...

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