Tuesday, July 1, 2008

St. Mary Catholic Church, Danbury, IA

This past weekend I made a road trip to Dyersville, Iowa to attend a concert given by the National Catholic Youth Choir. More about that later... I made a number of stops at churches and breweries along the way, more posts to follow on those soon! I will be posting a number of church pictures on this blog, after all, I didn't name it "The Steeplechase" for nothing!

St. Mary's is a pretty decent sized church for this town of 367. A fairly plain paint job, but the very nice oak altars more than make up for it. There is also an interestingly built Moller (Opus 9168, built in 1957) in the choir loft.

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Joe, Chels, Julius, Jonah, and Caedmon said...

Very nice church. I'll be interested to see the pictures that you get up on this blog!

Mr. Meduna