Friday, July 11, 2008

St. Michael Catholic Church, Buckman, MN

Another large church in a small community, St. Michael's was built in 1902 and has very fine, carved oak altars and large stations. The windows depict the mysteries of the rosary. A Reuter pipe organ resides in the loft.

A few unusual items worth mentioning:

1) the plaster ornamentation on the corbels

2) the statue of St. Michael in the high altar - I've never seen one of Michael holding Satan by a chain.

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Anonymous said...

St Michael’s Church in Buckman MN renovated the church inside in 2019. Some of the things that were done was It was repainted, installed new carpeting, altar steps widen, old confessional removed and a new confessional was added to the back of church. Where the old confessional was a votive candle area was added.