Sunday, December 28, 2008

"He contemplates constructing a tobogan slide..."

Some historical snippets from the December 24 edition of the West Point News:

December 18, 1908

W.T.S. Neligh, whose father John was one of the founders of the Queen City of the Elkhorn, imbibed his father's spirit of enterprise and is preparing a skating rink in the lake bed in Sherman park. In order to meet the expense merely of running it, he is offering season tickets at a dollar for the whole family. He contemplates constructing a tobogan slide on the ball park.
We are much pleased to note the prosperity of the West Point Butter & Creamery, the only institution of its kind in the country, established only a little over a year ago. The company has placed a large order for new cream cans to meet the enlarged capacity which will be double that of last year.

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