Wednesday, December 3, 2008

World's Largest Cathedral Rededicated

As Christendom began it's period of excited anticipation with the First Sunday of Advent, New York City's Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine was rededicated after a painstaking restoration following a disastrous fire in 2001.

Seven years and $41 million later, the Cathedral now looks better than it ever has. Began in 1892, construction of the Cathedral has been halted three separate times, and remains largely incomplete even today. It's unlikely that construction will resume any time in the near future.
Every inch of the building required cleaning because of the severe smoke and water damage. This was no small feat considering the Cathedral is 601 feet long and 121,000 square feet!

Also included in the restoration was the Cathedral's monumental Aeolian Skinner pipe organ. The "trademark" feature of this organ is the horizontal "State Trumpet" mounted beneath the great rose window. This stop operates on 50" wind pressure, making it the most powerful organ stop in the world. You can catch a glimpse of the ceremony and the organ in the video below.

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