Tuesday, January 13, 2009

St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church, Omaha, NE

"This soaring church building is dominated by a tower that recalls church architecture from country churches to medieval cathedrals. Recesses and height changes bring the structure to a welcoming human scale, and repeating brick patterns and colors unify the large complex." -From RDG Architects Website

Built in 1991, St. Stephen the Martyr is one of Omaha's newer Catholic church buildings. It is currently the largest Catholic parish in the city of Omaha.

The large tower, directly above the Altar.

While the design of St. Stephen's may be described as relatively simple, it is incredibly dramatic. These photographs do a poor job of illustrating a truly unique and moving space.

The atmosphere of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is simply stunning. Simple, yet rich. Mysterious, yet inviting. Formal, yet comfortable.

Several exquisitely done icons adorn walls throughout this church. They were all painted by Br. William Woeger, who also served as the Liturgical Consultant during the design process of this church.And finally a few images from Wilson Custom Tile, who played an integral part in this project by executing these outstanding pieces of Liturgical art.

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