Monday, June 8, 2009

Elim Lutheran Church (ELCA), Swaburg, NE

Elim, like many Lutheran church names, is of Biblical origins. It was one of the places where the Israelites camped following their exodus from Egypt.

"Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees, and they camped there near the water." Exodus 15:27
I'm uncertain how this church came to be named as such. Perhaps this is a rough allusion to geographical conditions as early settles found them? Any reader insight?

The interior exhibits neo-Romanesque tendencies (namely rounded arches over the windows and sanctuary), but with neo-Gothic furnishings.

A very small balcony stands at the rear of the church.

Elim contains one of the smallest altars I've ever seen! However, it compliments the space very well and adds a good deal of character to the sanctuary.

Traditional wine glass pulpit.

A very ornate and unusual hymn board.

The windows feature various Scriptural and doctrinal symbols.

Apparently, Elim has been a hotbed of vocations to the Lutheran pastorate. 14 photos in the rear of the church depict pastors who were natives of this congregation.

Some interesting statistics on the congregation can be found here.


ShariYS said...

Now this is just about as perfect a little country church, inside and out, as I've seen. Sweet!! I absolutely LOVE that altar ...

ShariYS said...

Oh, and I lifted your John Vianney quote ... because it couldn't be more appropriate!

Unknown said...

This is the church I grew up in. The altar, pulpit, communion rail, etc were built by one of the former pastors (way before my time)

Chase M. Becker said...

@Unknown - Thanks for sharing this bit of history! I appreciate it!