Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Nebraska State Fair at Lincoln: A Photographic Memoria

A photographic series focusing on the historic buildings of the Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Lincoln. In an unfortunate move by the Nebraska State Legislature, the State Fair will move to Grand Island in 2010. Many of these buildings will likely be torn down. It is my intention to try to capture these magnificent spaces for all to enjoy and remember.

Exposition Building


Unknown said...

Hey Chase,

It was good to catch up with while you were taking these pictures at the NSF. The next time I am in West Point, I will let you know. I would like to try some of your home brew.

One of your blogger fans,

Anthony Weaver

Chase M. Becker said...

Hey Anthony,
Yes! It was very enjoyable being able to catch up with you! I hope all is well!

Chase M. Becker said...
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Ray said...

Nice posst thanks for sharing