Friday, October 23, 2009

The Nebraska State Fair at Lincoln: A Photographic Memoria

A photographic series focusing on the historic buildings of the Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Lincoln. In an unfortunate move by the Nebraska State Legislature, the State Fair will move to Grand Island in 2010. Many of these buildings will likely be torn down. It is my intention to try to capture these magnificent spaces for all to enjoy and remember.

Industrial Arts Building: Exterior

The Industrial Arts Building is an absolutely unique and fascinating building. It was constructed in 1913 in an unusual trapezoidal shape - which is best seen from this aerial view. This building is in extreme jeopardy. Please do your part to save this historic building! For more information, see my previous post here.

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Anonymous said...

Are the above pictures for the Industrial Arts Building in the Public Domain? or at least CC-BY ? If CC-BY who do I attribute ?