Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to Exeter, Nebraska!

My hometown of Exeter, Nebraska will no doubt be the subject of numerous posts here at The Steeplechase. I became fascinated by Exeter's history at a very young age. I have very destinct memories of pouring over the thick, green cover Exeter history book from 1976 that my parents had. I was going through some family photos this afternoon and ran across these two the caught my attention.
What an image! Two wagon loads of corn are visible and pens are set up in the middle of the dirt street for livestock. There's no identification on the back of the photo, but perhaps an auction is taking place? Or a market or show of some type? If you have any suggestions, let me know! In any case, whatever was going on attracted a pretty good-sized group of people.

You're looking at downtown Exeter facing west. The building on the upper left is Smith's Tag Factory (they produced organizational items, mainly for banks), the lower left is where the Public Library and Storybook Park now reside. The building on the upper right is currently part of Greg's Grocery Store (it was a bank at the time when this photo was taken), and the building at the lower right is now part of Murphy's Plumbing.
Another photo give a nice close-up of the livestock pens and gathered crowd, but still gives no hint as to what the event is.

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