Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nebraska State Fair at Lincoln: A Photographic Memoria

A photographic series focusing on the historic buildings of the Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Lincoln. In an unfortunate move by the Nebraska State Legislature, the State Fair will move to Grand Island in 2010. Many of these buildings will likely be torn down. It is my intention to try to capture these magnificent spaces for all to enjoy and remember.

Heritage Village: Hudson Cabin

The Hudson Cabin, as it is now known, had great and glorious beginnings and is the oldest known structure in Lincoln and Lancaster County. In 1863, Thomas Jefferson Hudson and his family arrived in Lancaster County. At that time, there were only three neighborhood families and the nearest market was in Nebraska City. Near where the village of Lancaster (later renamed Lincoln) was to be founded, they built their log cabin. It was described as being "the grandest dwelling in the counted," constructed of oak logs hauled over 20 miles, with shingles from McKissik's island, south of Nebraska City.

Hudson became successful as a farmer, establishing a fine herd of dairy cows. After the village of Lincoln came to be, he was the first to deliver dairy products to the door of the housewife. He remained here until his death in 1902.

Originally constructed in the vicinity of 9th & Lake Streets, the cabin was later moved to 2236 South 9th Street. The log cabin was covered with siding and after later additions was "lost" inside the renovated house.

It was "rediscovered" in 1964 by the new owners during a remodeling of the house. In order to save the building from destruction, it was purchased by Mayor Dean Peterson and donated to the city of Lincoln. In 1974, it was given to the State Historical Society and reconstructed in Nebraska State Fair Park.

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