Monday, October 26, 2009

The Nebraska State Fair at Lincoln: A Photographic Memoria

A photographic series focusing on the historic buildings of the Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Lincoln. In an unfortunate move by the Nebraska State Legislature, the State Fair will move to Grand Island in 2010. Many of these buildings will likely be torn down. It is my intention to try to capture these magnificent spaces for all to enjoy and remember.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you've enjoyed this excursion into the buildings of the former Nebraska State Fairgrounds in Lincoln. Perhaps it seemed a bit repetitive or mundane, but I feel it's incredibly important to document and share these historic and even not-so-historic places. I think we will only realize the great loss of this place years in the future.

The State Fairgrounds in Lincoln holds many fond memories for me. I showed cattle there throughout most of my upper elementary and high school years. Each year during high school, our marching band would spend a day there as we entertained others and took part in entertainment ourselves.

The State Fair was a place of reunion for me. I was certain to run into 4-H'ers from all over the state with whom I had travelled with to various 4-H conferences and camps.

So, it is with a good deal of sadness that I watch the State Fair depart from its 108-year-old home; both because of my personal fondness for the place as well as the general historical loss.

I plan to make one last trip to the fairgrounds this weekend as many familiar items go to the auction block. Below are a collection of articles relating to various elements of the fair and its move to Grand Island for your further reading.

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Industrial Arts Building: Rehabilitation Feasibility Investigation

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